Nişanca Mh. Samancılar Cd. No:50
Eyüp / İstanbul


Lazolini Construction Architecture Design Application Limited Company established on 10th of December 2001 in Istanbul. Starting from Istabul to various areas of Turkey and boutique construction works at Cyprus, as well as successfully completing such projects like, concept development, design, application and construction fields.

On the projects they have done with their techniques of staying true to the traditions and following the changes on the market and industry they have an understanding of applying them to the ongoing projects. Through every one of the works they have done, they have specialized on keeping customer satisfaction on the foreground to create a modern and fresh living areas and applying them.

Lazolini Construction & Architecture are aiming at being persistent in the sector, with their established staff and years worth knowledge sector and applied projects with their leading solution partners, they have made human and nature centered works that through taking care of the urbanization and nature factors.